When Call Of Duty Players Try Fortnite Season 4! Fortnite Battle Royale season 4 is upon us and with that may bring over some new players from Call Of Duty, let’s see how they’d possibly react when trying out Fortnite the first few times! Leave a like and let me know your thoughts on Fortnite season 4!


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  1. Episode 3 of my Destroy All Humans let's play up here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jG8ASbC3TI

  2. Tactical nuke ready for launch

  3. “There is only Sex players alive”
    Me: (Dies of laughter!)
    No offense of course!

  4. I don’t get why fortnite popular cod is better

  5. U should of called the boogie bomb a flashbang or concussion grenade

  6. My favorite call of duty youtuber you are one of the most entertaining youtubers.

  7. I never know that was soap

  8. We lost another soldier we gatta fight against every game that isn't all of duty

  9. I like his accent

  10. 1. The COD edits are lit
    2. Dudes accent pushes the video to an 11
    3. I wish I was there for S4.
    S9 is hard ?

  11. 1:37 trough 1:43 made me laugh so much and I don't know why

  12. Omg i love you for making these videos because cod is way better then fortnite i played every black ops and cod game #activision

  13. Mission accomplished, evac on the way

  14. Dsrfsrerahdj,

  15. “You’re no longer John Wick in my eyes… You’re captain Price!” Classic.

  16. “You’re no longer John Wick in my eyes… You’re captain Price!” Classic.

  17. U sound like testy

  18. It's absolutely called DLC not vbucks ???

  19. Please make more of these videos!

  20. Exo_Suit.exe has stopped working

  21. Who looks at an edited comment and wonders what it was edited about???

  22. Mission accomplished evac on way

  23. The accent l just topes it off

  24. Bet u won’t 1v1 me
    My user name is rockkillshot76

  25. Imagine getting killed by this guy

  26. Mission accomplished, evac on the way

  27. 2:40 when you could hold more than six minies

  28. How do u have best mates, ur tier 6

  29. Dude pls play fortnite again lmao " master prestige " PLZ IM BEGGING YOU

  30. For the people in the comments that play call of duty don’t worry we’ll get m next time

  31. Plz do more of these vids

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