We built a classy gaming PC to play the brand new Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare with RTX. This video is Sponsored by MSI & NVIDIA.

MSI NVIDIA GeForce Call of Duty Modern Warfare Game Bundle:
MSI GeForce RTX Graphics Cards:

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Some Cameras & Gear Used To Make…

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  1. This was built before the game came out. Y'all need to chill.

  2. most annoying music in existence………

  3. Where's cod modern warfare?

  4. I can't play call of duty on pc ….. I feel like I don't have the right graphic card for it !

  5. Out of all of the builds you have made, this my friend would be my dream. A black and white theme pc ooooh god damn! More monochromatic builds please!

  6. Great video, really love your videos, man.

  7. this two camera setup is weird….

  8. Is it just me, or would this be the perfect Tron themed PC? The light blue colour is almost identical!

  9. Very nice. How much would it cost me to build one?

  10. Yeah to play Modern Warfare on old technology resolution maybe but not in 4K like it was meant and optimized to be played !!! Why do people build crappy PC's just to play in 1080P or 1440P old technology !!! Thats like trying to make a sports car to make 330 horsepower while most factory sports cars make an average of 400 – 500 straight from the factory !!!

  11. So how much total?

  12. why did u left the mayans mc cast?

  13. Lol i basicly did this irl xD just to play cod rtx

  14. Going to build this, so I can open supply drops with #RTXOn

  15. Excellent music choice my friend

  16. Question, can I use vertical gpu with the horizontal bracket?

  17. I actually like this camera and this. Uild is def unique and sexy and very clean and just right

  18. This is my dream build right here…

  19. He made it sound like people build a new pc everytime a game is released ?

  20. ive got i7 9700k 2080 rtx and i run 100+ fps 1440p ultra settings with rtx on on mw no problems.

  21. Didn't like that fat air cooler

  22. yup sounds about right, i have a ryzen 3600x and an rtx 2080 (only white gpu to match my theme) and on 1440p i reach around 120-130 fps average. The build in this video would definitely get you that 144fps

  23. 2K to play 60 games. After doing some research the whole things nothing but a scam. I'm including the desktop for 1500 and a good monitor… Total horse shit…. ?

  24. You made a video building a PC specially for COD: MW and didn't even show the benchmarks for the game? lol

  25. Wouldn’t it have been easier to install the fans before the motherboard so your not reaching around the giant cpu cooler?

  26. And only $3800 aud ??

  27. What were the cable management again?

  28. hey i building in the same case tommorow! can i ask why youve used two hue hubs? the case comes with one then youve added another? nice video

  29. bro my pc has less storage than a single cod game nowadays 🙁

  30. is there a way to play the new call of duty without getting a pc or laptop without spending like 500 dollars for a big computer?

  31. I just recently inspired my first ever pc build from this, the deepcool assassin 3 is so clean and sexy air cooler, and for the case I instead use the white version and a different gpu and cpu. I love this underrated channel.

  32. is there anyway i could pay you to let me send you parts so you can build me a pc

  33. you camera is so good, it must've cost you 10,000 usd

  34. Hot damn! This is the sexiest pc I've ever seen ? good job sir!

  35. My fx 9590 ran at 5ghz… I miss those days

  36. I just think the cooling system is way too big for the motherboard

  37. damn that's an ugly mustache, take care of your self.

  38. Ive been really busy in the last few days and id really like to know if this game is worth the download? Im not overly impressed with COD4.

  39. I have the same case with RTX 2070.. Beautiful beast.. ?

  40. looks like the air cooling is about to fall off

  41. So where can a non tech person buy this prebuilt?

  42. take a 3900x over intel i9 9900k any day

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