Ultimate Call Of Duty Modern Warfare PC FIX Tutorial | Dev Errors, Crashes & More!

In this Call Of Duty Modern Warfare PC Tutorial I will be showing you how to FIX the most common Crashes, Black Screen, Graphics Issues, Dev Errors (5761, 6068, 6071) and the game using 100% CPU causing it to crash.

The methods I show you in this tutorial will hopefully help with any freezing, stuttering and also frame drops in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. Just remember any of the adjustments you make to…

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  1. Join in with the discussion about all the Call Of Duty Fixes on my NEW Forum here: http://computersluggish.com/showthread.php?tid=4

  2. Dev error 6036
    F**k Activision?

  3. Thank you. The problem with my computer was the priority setting in the task manager. Really helped me. Can finally enjoy the game.

  4. For some weird reason for me mw will launch but after it tries to conect to servers after the start up screen it tells me iv been disconnected from call of duty servers and it will only work and let me play if I turn on a vpn. Help me if you can thanks.

  5. I don't even have the Set Priority option in my task manager, wtf is up with that?

  6. cod warzone crashing every 10 mins

  7. very comprehensive tipps collection, thanks alot – f*ckingcrashingpieceofsh*tsoftware

  8. just so everybody knows this doesn't work

  9. Hello i have Windows 10 ltsb enterprise 2016 i can run this game ? its ok this windows for this game ? its no problem ?

  10. apprently mine is not compatible but when i try and make it compatible there is no windows 10 option the top option i windows 8

  11. I did this shit and now my cod wont even launch thanks

  12. Game only freeze by loading groundwar or warzone , anyone that could help me would be appreciated :/

  13. getting dev error 6328 everytime i try to enter a warzone game. Completely unplayable and i've tried all these solutions 🙁

  14. So I ran my game after updating and I decided to tab out to turn the audio down. After doing that it wouldn’t allow me back in the game. The game would run and the sound would be their but I just couldn’t get back in the game, It just gets on, goes to a black screen then goes to my desktop

  15. my game always freezes in ground war/warzone 🙁

  16. i try all of that i can but still has not work for me

  17. Dev error 6036?? i download COD 2019 from torrent 113gb file

  18. the best way is to refund the game if we do all thos things just to play it cost us more then everything they shouldn't relase the game with all thos errors

  19. Error code 0x00007ff87e1bc7447444951 0x00001337 ntdll. Dll,,,,,,, help me ?

  20. My games not crashing, I just lost 50% of my frames. I was doing 165 FPS in February (with out any overclocking of my GPU), now with even overclocking my GPU I'm lucky if I get 80 FPS. I just want to get game running as efficiently as it was 2 months ago. Any suggestions?

  21. Same problem today. crashing and more crashing… F*** Game!!! :/ Please Activision Fix this Game.

  22. Please ANYONE tell me if there is a fix to the "failed to connect – unable to access online services" on PC. I have stellar connection idk wtf the issue is. Ive tried port forwarding, multiple restarts/redownload, PC commands but still nothing

  23. Hey I need some help so, if I run MW through the battle.net launcher I get 85% cpu usage and it crashes but if I run it as admin through the file explorer, it runs at 10% cpu usage but it doesn't let me connect to the blizzard servers, gives me an error code and forces me to close to it to the desktop but does not crash, please help.

  24. I have come here in desperation, just saying.

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