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  1. I knew that they buffed the pdw for like 4 days

  2. Wow I can already see it is the PDW

  3. PDW Zombie Gene was my go to when I started playing ranked up until I got into pro!!

  4. The pew can probably one shot in the head because it does 90 damage

  5. So Iferg can just comment on the video like he isn’t famous for cod mobile…

  6. Who think this guys is crap?

    Me:I am better then him
    Me:Joking at least he is better than Noahfromyoutube

  7. I’ve been using this gun since release it’s been the same, I use it every call of duty.

  8. Enjoy the s36 while it last..?

  9. I absolutely love the PDW. This is my go to for my SMG class. Nice movement speed without a perk, rate of fire is insane, and the kill speed with FMJ makes this the best SMG yet. It's also usuable on any map. Versatility is key for my gameplay. I typically like to switch in and out of different loadouts during any match.

  10. I'll be that one guy and just use the Chicom rather than the PDW and MSMC

  11. The pdw is a lawnmower fr fr

  12. One kill … Duddddeeee this gun shreddess

  13. Yes the PDW, i've been getting gunned down a lot but that gun recently

  14. Why are u still putting the auto run button in the middle of the sites didnt activision already add a dot there

  15. You put an FMJ on it and you actually are able to give 100 damage…

  16. I used the PDW since season 1.

  17. The pdw has backpacked me to legendary. It’s so good I can’t NOT use it anymore

  18. This has actually been my main for awhile since it got buffed n I've been using it before ppl noticed

  19. Could tell it was PDW from the thumbnail

  20. Hi I am also playing cod my id is

  21. I’ve always used this gun lol.

  22. No they don't.
    But with the nerf of all good weapons, this weapon now shines.
    IMO I don't like it. Is like made for spray and pray players who shot from the hip.

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