The Most Incredible moments from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 2 Multiplayer Gameplay, Season 2 includes Rust, Atlas, Shipment, Gunfight, Domination, Ground War & more.

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  1. Q show some love ❤️ ? ? for thc

  2. When are we gonna return to Rainbow Six?

  3. I like how Wyatt has yet to get his own special finisher in the store lmao

  4. Dat crossbow kill at 4:18 with a headshot ?

  5. How do I send you a clip

  6. F reminds me of Dex from Daredevil ??

  7. 725 clips are more THE MOST GAY MOMENTS of mw

  8. Vote for F, that was some sick sh*t bro

  9. “S” was a true show of skill. He downed enemies, he played the objective, and when it was safe, he revived teammates.
    That’s a well rounded gamer.

  10. The last clip was weak. Also the kid with the mp5 on the new map had quite possibly the worst aim ever on a highlight clip so that's a record in itself. Kid missed the first 4 shots on every guy.

  11.………is crazy…beutiful…..i…i……..i..i…i think…..i m in love………….?????????

  12. “R” was hilarious! “AIMBOT” “AIMBOT” I don’t think that guy has ever seen aimbot in action.

  13. 1:00 what skin/operator is the guy using?

  14. First clip is fucking diabolical

  15. got some great clips how do I send em in? XD

  16. go check it out if you want at Dareing d

  17. the last clip is such trash dude thinks he is good because he is playing hardcore what a bitch!!!

  18. Dislike for the 725 clips…

  19. Holy shit. Im in the video!!! Im jordan btw

  20. F cornuch!!! best one

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