The Greatest Most Incredible moments from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 2 Multiplayer Gameplay, Season 2 includes Rust, Atlas, Shipment, Gunfight, Domination, Ground War & more.

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  1. These are the best most voted for clips by the community from previous episodes now going up against each other to get a step closer to the play of the year final. A new episode of new clips will be live very soon. Thanks for the support.

  2. what gun was used at 3:514:12?

  3. 2:10 he kinda sounds like Mickey Mouse

  4. When it says 750k but he’s actually at 678k

  5. That Nuke guy ????

  6. Fyi playing headquarters and gettin bulk kills means fuk all

  7. 1:16 what attachments does the mp7 have to have no recoil

  8. many of those gameplays are against bots for sure lol

  9. Mf really got a headshot with a RPG

  10. 2:41 how is he shooting the FAL so quick ?

  11. Pisses me the fuck off when I see someone get a 1 shot with a MK2/KAR98 when all they can see is his hands – but I'll hit a dude clean in the chest and get a fucking hit marker.

  12. All of the rocket launcher kills are so noob omg

  13. Guy in the thumbnail looks like Kanye West a little

  14. Where do these enemies exist? Mine kill me before I turn the corner through the wall in 1 damn shot no time to react or reload or stim. Nothing, this makes no sense.

  15. i love all call of duty games but this is the best

  16. How did a RPG kill make this list ???

  17. i wish i had ps4 🙁 :__(

  18. Hope you got copyrights for the music

  19. Knife one's are unreal,Especially the distance one's, Lmao with some of these

  20. 11:1412:46 is all trashhh , If you can’t get a nuke without camping a room , then you don’t deserve it !!

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