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  1. Secret way to pack-a-punch shadows of evil wonder weapon. You have to get a weapon you can pack-a-punch and swap once you press the button to pack-a-punch.

  2. As soon as he ran away from the death ray it was supposed to activate RIP.

  3. Almost an hour of trying to download it lol

  4. we waited almost an hour

  5. Watching 4 years later when pat says “this is a master piece” still agree with this even when people hate on it

  6. Rev is a masterpiece idgaf ab the easter egg

  7. You can packapunch the apothican servant now

  8. Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5×100=500 also Ray gun mark 2 aAaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!$


    #%"%:/!=#5#2!%:45:5#56:=#5:4=5%4%6/6:%:6;6:5:5#$3/67;%:5;7& 115!!!!!!

  9. Why does he fuckin scream

  10. 51:54 for someone who is looking for when he starts playing

  11. sigh uh pat why did you move to fortnite?

  12. Just incase he started playing the game at 55:08

  13. It took him exactly 55:06 minutes until the game actually started, wow

  14. there is no staffs dummy

  15. 1:34:551:36:00 just said a load of statements that ended up being not true

  16. Bro he’s so impatient

  17. 1:4:40 your voice was amazing

  18. Pat "I wonder if there is any wonder weapons" Me "Haha, yes, yes there is"

  19. When your favorite youtuber left and started playing fortnite UGHHH

  20. The amount of times he restarted Black ops 3 is insane

  21. I hate when people hate on revalations ITS MY FAV mAP

  22. I 100% prefer this over tag der toten

  23. Jesus i sat through that 20 mins without realising

  24. Fast forward to 54 fucking minutes for what you came to see.

  25. boolshit damn i dont see those dls only die rise and the other one i have just 3 fucking map not more not less in the end of you video i see u have 6 map but me i have only the 3 first giant shadow evil and and the one close to shadow not the other wtf is that

  26. The videos actually starts at 51:50

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