Players are FURIOUS in Call of Duty Mobile | Free PDW Royal Crimson Skin

Hey guys, this is your Monday call of duty mobile crate opening video and we look at the new credit shop update and why some players are MAD about the new PDW free skin in the shop in cod mobile!

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  1. Free?! You mean I fucking wasted 20k…

  2. Above everything skill matters more than the weapon. Pay 2 win is an excuse for losing

  3. Have that its annoying ?

  4. How to give to your friend a cod points

  5. I just use a M4 or Ak all day and win many BR, dont get why people mad when they buy?

  6. The paid people should consider that theres people that can't get real money in game but want epic stuff

  7. The point is paying for early access. Giving rewards to dedicated free to play players is a good thing. It keeps the game alive.

  8. They didnt even add Nikolai Belinski in the shop!

  9. I feel like the only person that's never made an in game purchase lmao stack your money

  10. The fact that they added a PDW royal crimson gives the free-to-play players to fight fairly against "pay-2-win" players, a win-win

  11. Gun : cost 2OOOO CREDITS

  12. Why does your CP cost so little ?

  13. "free" 20k credits ain't cheap.

  14. I have the PDW Royal Crimson before it was available in the store :((

  15. This is not cool because I spend like 350$ on this gun and it's free now I am kind of sad I just saw it I wasnt playing cod MOBILE for a while and pdw is free now I am sock I spend 350$ on this

  16. “PLAYERS”
    Nah just you

  17. ?Although I wasn't really into zombies, I'm kinda tight now because I pulled that ICR-1 Lava with the grenade launcher. And now the launcher is useless. Maybe they'll activate it in MP or BR hopefully.

    ?I've spent more money than I'd like to admit on this game for skins and lucky draws and all that, and I wouldn't have any problem with them giving them away for free or letting players grind for those skins later on at some point. I know how the struggle is. Activision makes so much money off of this game, they can afford to give freebies for the grind.

    All that being said, they seem to be on the right direction as of late. Grinding in ranked for all of that yellow snake stuff and the AK Tank is pretty cool though.

  18. Yo I was opening my disavowed crates the other day after I completed tier 50 and I was talking about how I really liked the Viking skin with my girlfriend while I opened my crates and said “I would really like to…what no way that just happened” I literally didn’t even finish the sentence and I got the LK24 Viking skin

  19. 200 credits has a lower percent chance than the LK24 viking! ???

  20. I spent good amount of money for my skins, but not anymore. I rather trust a whore with my money than Activision.

  21. They could have just made new skins. Instead of screwing people that actually paid their hard earned money to have those exclusive skins.

    Activision is making you think they are listening to the community and caring for the f2p, but actually they don't even give a fuck about their p2p players, what makes you think they give a fuck about the community.

    While most other fps online gaming companies released their game, built a strong community and updated the game as much as possible to keep it fresh as long as it can, Activision (a money craving company) released a new game every year instead of any major updates.

  22. 20,000 C points for zombie dlc weapons . just putting that out there

  23. Should I buy pdw royal crimson or wait for next credit store update.

  24. THEY ARE NOT giving the "skins" away for FREE!!!
    What they are doing, is essentially a "value driven trade", by getting people to sign up for a Call of Duty account (valuable customer data) and download their new game "Call of Duty Warzone" in exchange for a rare/valuable skin. Most people wouldn't jump onboard if there was no incentive and I doubt many people would do it for a crappy reward of 80 C points or a recycled Christmas skin on a useless gun..
    From a business point of view it makes perfect sense why they did it and I'm glad to be able to get a skin out of the 3 offered in exchange for me downloading and playing the new game (not to mention the company has acquired millions of email addresses along with personal details for future marketing campaigns), by having everyone create and link their online Call of Duty account. They know well and truly that data set is important and valuable and they don't really want Facebook taking too big of a piece from that pie 😉
    Everybody playing COD Mobile is considered "warm traffic" as we call it in marketing terms. Therefore it is important to remember that the easiest way to sell in business is to sell to an EXISTING customer, not a NEW customer!

    If anyone wants to jam some BR or MP live on stream, you can add my COD ID: Janek

    Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the remainder of season 3!☢️
    All the best from Western Australia ??????

  25. I'm glad they added the HSO shotgun, legit one of my favorite weapon in the whole game. I didn't want to have to wait and possibly unlock it through luck in the daily login cases, or just grind exp till I get it.

  26. They are punishing paid players

  27. Is Tank staying in the shop permanently? That's the only reason I'm tempted to buy some shards early since this week won't be enough to get the missing 40 shards through playing zombies.

  28. awesome video like always bro

  29. Bro I know a lot of people say this but…..
    That Death Angel Alice skin isn’t the best.

  30. Please accept my request

  31. I don't see a problem with that

  32. I actually like this. They are making weapons for varieties which were unavailable to f2p players now available. The p2w aspect is that they go this weapons early. Look at the new locus crate which were in a lucky draw but not it’s in a crate. Which means that eventually all the epic weapons have a chance to go into the crate or credit shop. We might wait a bit and not every thing will get into shop but it’s still in the right path.

  33. They gotta respect grinders bro.
    We spent months grinding for the skin.
    While these bastards can get it within 10 days without even playing the game.
    The problem is not because it's free, the problem is because they disrespected grinders.
    We never complained about getting free epic skins, until this one.
    I have never heard people complaining about the free epic prophet skin.
    People saying that "getting angry over this is stupid" are absolutely retarded.

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