SUB and LIKE the video! Fortnite 1.43 Patch Notes / Fortnite V2.5.0 Patch Notes Update! New Weapon Buffs, Impulse Grenade and more changes to Fortnite …

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  1. Drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! <3

  2. Kinda new to this game….not really but thanks for the info!

  3. And i do play fortnite as well but why are call of duty channel are changing to fortnite like ali-a

  4. Why have you changed to a fortnite channel

  5. Liked and subscribed : )

  6. How he said revolver at 3:37 ?

  7. I’m glad that the players that have weaker consoles now are equal to the stronger consol players and won’t be worrying about the first gun glitch when they are spawning in –

  8. Hey Goblin, the base line Smgs’ in grey, green, blue are being removed from the game, will conclude In Chinese New Year Update 2.0 🙂

  9. He missed the gold sniper LUL

  10. Pump now has low body dmg and high headshot dmg on god 205 in the head with common pump so bruh

  11. My Game is lagging know when i Jump out off the Bus. Anyone has got this laggs too?(on Ps4)


  13. anyone have any idea when first shot accuracy will be added?

  14. sup dude love the channel
    great to see something new from you

  15. Why can’t I change my video settings on consoles

  16. Do y’all think they should add the boogie bomb dance as a Dance you can buy?

  17. The last time I remember The Goblin, he had like 500k.

    Edit: Oh wait, it's your second channel.

  18. Am I the only one who’s heart hurt when he opened the chest and got a purple mini gun and he didn’t take it

  19. They need to make shotguns more consistent. I shoot one guy for 80 damage once and the next shot does 9 damage. That's so stupid and has got me killed so many times

  20. Great video man keep it up

  21. A suggestion is u should let the gameplay finish so we see the whole game

  22. i love this channel you should live stream too

  23. Yo make a video on best settings/sensitivity.

  24. Slurp over med… Fucking sped

  25. How tf you got 2 videos with 20k subs?

  26. Do Rainbow Six Siege Please !

  27. Is it me or can you definitely feel a change to the shotguns I feel that the pump does less damage now

  28. How much is the update size

  29. How much is the size of the update about 3gb?

  30. Yo what up Goblin

  31. You should live stream fortnite sometime

  32. Lol 700 likes☆☆☆☆☆

  33. Good update but they didn’t even touch the double pump in this (not saying no there not working on it) but I honestly thought they did.

  34. I hav Xbox 1s first gun still dusnt always work

  35. please like my comment green goblin

  36. You should do a video on your settings because a lot of people are coming from call of duty like you so your settings would probably be most helpful rather than people who were already playing games like this.

  37. Would you stop the “voice inflection” at the enddd of every sentenceee

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