Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 is here and they added Akimbo perks to all pistols so we obviously had to check out the .50 GS (Deagle)
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  1. What Mic do you use?

  2. Use duel on revolver with snake shot

  3. do akimbo snake shot 357.

  4. X16 is the best pistol dont need a laser btw

  5. I like using the revolver snake shot dual wielded

  6. Use snake shot akimbo

  7. I got the new mp7 from turnament

  8. .357 is power πŸ™‚

  9. I have a reason to come back

  10. .57 snakeshots….

  11. Bring the dual SAUG's back!

    Just kidding, no one wants that back.

  12. X16 is alotta fun

  13. hardcore m19 all day

  14. please highpass your mic to 180hz

  15. Just saying, but x16 is fricking amazing at short to mid range.

  16. 357 snake shot dual wield

  17. MI9 has most ammo so it’s better for akimbo

  18. 357 is the best because it has snake shot

  19. What are you doing with all them bullets?
    Double Deagled up on a Thursday afternoon, hella bullets

  20. You are using them wrong and yes hard core is the only mode I use them in.

  21. Akimbo desert eagles are fun to use.

  22. i mainly use m19 for akimbo with light weght trigers for max fire rate

  23. Get the m19 it is over powered when u have 2 of them

  24. X16 is amazing dual

  25. 357 r best to duel weild

  26. 357 snake shot akimbo

  27. you kinda remind me of jim carrey

  28. X16 best akimbo

  29. Try snakeshot 357 akimbo

  30. Akimbo x16 or 357 snakeshot are better

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