⭐Enjoy the New Update for Call of Duty Mobile talking about Season 4, New Maps, and New Content Changes for COD Mobile! This Community Update features Call of Duty Mobile talking about Season 4 Future Updates, the New Map Release Date, and the overall Future of Call of Duty Mobile! What are your thoughts on this New Update for Call of Duty Mobile?

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  2. I just want to know the date why it took 11 minute (:

  3. je me suis abonné à ta chaîne moi aussi j'ai une chaine YouTube tu pourras aller voir et abonné comme je l'ai fait à ta chaîne

  4. Lol they are full of shit they should try looking at and reading there own support tickets before checking other media

  5. Bende oynuyorum die seviniyordum aq adam şiğir gibi

  6. Wow this game is going to be trash because they making their own maps , small , simple , grabage no creativity ?

  7. Still no talk about player skin!! Those are always paid to get..why is this!!!

  8. where's the new zombies map ?

  9. I didn't get this update

  10. I want hardpoint as a permanent ranked mode instead of search and destroy!
    Also the platform sucks!
    So much hype for nothing…

  11. I like your videos dude but do you think you could try breathing through your nose while you talk as it sounds like you constantly have blocked nose?

  12. Akimbo on the thumbnail huh… Unsubscribe time!!!

  13. The thumbnail is a LIE!

  14. Where my legendaries at??

  15. Where tf is the new zombies map?!!!!!!

  16. But when is it coming out ?

  17. Hi Parker,
    Thank you for the video and update information. Good to hear and know what is coming up ahead of time as it is helpful. Job well done! ??

  18. Rapid fire is hella fun

  19. Be honest why did u put a double gun in your video ' s pic even this is not in cod mobile. Is on the purpose to get more views? It is patethic. I am very disappointed

  20. Yall need to quit photoshopping mw2 guns over codm. Shit is played out and makes you look super fucking lame

  21. We need an alternative to the lucky draw. I’m not about to gamble multiple times just to get a few guns and skins. It’s literally $100+ to get the best stuff with every new lucky draw

  22. How does he use his thumbs so well?!?!???

  23. I think the golden tickets from the credit store should apply to other crates aswell. It would give players a reason to log in every day and allow players that can't pay $50+ on crates a grind option. Additionally, it would eliminate pay2win theories because free players could eventually (with enough time logged on) get items they desire. The upside for codm the increased player frequency would increase small item purchases like the 80cp gift boxes.

  24. Hi Parker you are call of duty mobile's best youtuber ever . Your videos are informative and funny that's why I like your videos . You should do a video about simple things like kicking campers ass , aiming . Sliding and jumping while close range and long range enemy's attack . It will be cool .

  25. Thith nigga thpittin

  26. i tried paying attention but i kept watching parker hit that 30 bomb he got a couple days ago

  27. It would really be cool if they made akimbo guns possible??

  28. Brother … Please feedback them – there are so much glitches and very unstable in low graphics … Please tell them to fix them..
    Suggest them if they can can change the engine ., unreal engine is the best …
    Please tell them from all of the low graphics players …

  29. Maps I'd like to see added are WMD, Cargo, Jungle, Drone, Carrier, Aftermath, Grind, Hydro, Mirage, Vertigo, Encore, Magma, Detour, Rush and cove, also some ghosts and MW maps, and also the Peacekeeper SMG.

  30. I just can’t help but notice that he always getting bots or just trash ppl while I gotta sweat every game cause I get tryhards every game

  31. What about zombies

  32. What graphic setting do you use?

  33. What was the last community update

  34. First it should be a vote system in content inside the game, as well as ways in the game that people can place a view point and vote it up….not everyone want to use Reddit or know what it is. But everyone knows the game….which will make known for call of duty. Black screen, game crashing, app crashing, lag out on the highest tier is disgusting. If someone has a gaming phone that can't use it…is disgusting.

  35. First fix the broken game so that everyone can play

  36. Are the season 4 leaks that anonymousyt put on legit? Only trust your videos

  37. They might as well make off tdm

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