In this how to FORTNITE video see how to download FORTNITE and perform a FORTNITE install with the FORTNITE free version Battle Royale on Windows PC and Mac computers. FORTNITE Season 9 is new and available now. Step by step download FORTNITE and how to install FORTNITE on your PC Season 8 2019. See how to sign into Fortnite and play Fortnite for free. The latest version of Fortnite Battle Royale Season 8 2019. It’s a free to play game from Epic Games. You will learn how to download…

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  1. Its need graphic card or not plzz tell

  2. I have no space for this game on my pc
    What should i do?
    and i can't delete any files couse i need them

  3. dude!!!! it says not supported on OS !!!!!!!!!

  4. I came here just to see how many people actually can't install fortnite by themselves

  5. can u play multiplayer?

  6. i dont have enough gigabytes to install fortnite on epic games. i bought epic games for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 2020% it works on my PC !

  8. This guy my god FORTNITE IS ALL ALL FREE!!

  9. chrome can’t run fortnite

  10. I jus moved states and I only brought a laptop coming from ps4 and xbox and all im thinking is shit now I gotta vs pc players

  11. 3:16
    It says epic games launcher is currently active. Close it before continuing and i have the choice
    Cancel retry ignore

  12. why it shows 32 gb when fortnite downloading

  13. Its said installing 100% and then it reset to 0% again..

  14. Thank you its installing 14%?

  15. Thanks bro finally my drean is gonna be fulfil

  16. The download takes and install and fortnite install takes 5 min

  17. Nvm it's working now

  18. Then it just disappears and nothing happens

  19. It says installing prerequisites and the bar is empty I waited longer still empty

  20. Your a literall god thankyou so much.

  21. nice gooooooooood
    ilove youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  22. When I make my e-mail I can't put the @

  23. Easy way for installing:
    each day download 2 GB
    and then PAUSE!!!!

  24. it keeps saying "Epic games launcher is currently running, please close it before continuing" what do i do its not open

  25. good job also i need help i subbed and liked

  26. mine says ' install location error' :/

  27. Thank you so much you’re actually work thank you my gosh thank you

  28. Wtf why is it 74 gb

  29. When I open fortnite it asks me to put my email and password and then when I log in it says login failed help

  30. I have been waiting for 48hours and it's 5%

  31. mine keeps saying repair or remove the downlaod and when i repair it it says its already running but nothing is running and then it oesnt repair it

  32. What kind of pc you got?

  33. How many I consume mb (data) if I download it? Please answer

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