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  1. Thank you wear much

  2. It won't take me to the site

  3. best YouTubed honestly

  4. How to download in samsung galaxy grand prime

  5. Why yall aint anwsering its not fu*king working

  6. What Happened To FN Global

  7. I got a Samsung Galaxy j7 so I don't know

  8. A lot of people were asking how to download it on android and this video is it

  9. This video at all didnt help me WHAT ABOUT ANDROID ANWSER QUESTION trash youtuber!! Bitc# dogding question!

  10. can i buy stuff for my account o android

  11. But it's perfect

  12. Hey bro it's working but it needs 2GB space so I can't download it

  13. On my tablet elite when I tried to download it it said get started and I need help

  14. wait is it going to be free and when will it come out

  15. bro can not one of u guys make a video without human verification?

  16. Please tell me the song name of the beginning

  17. all of you guys with android are just being impatient. Its harder than bring fortnite to android because of all the different android devices but with iOS the devices are very limited. So stop complaining saying that they're being selfish bringing it to iOS, just be patient smh

  18. the link gives me a 404

  19. Who else reading the comments to see if it work

  20. can i download at huawei

  21. =02 Download Fortnite Battle Royale

  22. Fortnite is coming on android 18 of april

  23. /ytchhhhhuehdudbcudbucfbufbchdbuccbdbd thoughtful the uh fhhfhf duck fix for audio

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