High Kill Solo Vs Squads Win Gameplay (Fortnite Chapter 2 Ps4 Controller)
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  2. Ur first kill was a renegade raider

  3. How come his metal and chests are white instead of grey?

  4. You are a great fortnite player❤️❤️❤️

  5. Ninja is noob in front of you

  6. You are so trash there was a gold gun ??????????????

  7. Your build is slowly than old

  8. 2:02 the amount of times he redid his med kit is giving me anxiety

  9. Why you not use the sniper

  10. Hello, I watch your content quite consistently, but could you maybe do some arena solos or hypenite solos or something to spice it up?

  11. Hey KingJoe83, im going to use your Video to make a meme. I will use your gameplay and making it funnier. Im going to put the original video link in the description. Is that ok for ya? <3

  12. Hey Risabh plase gift me a skin epic username:ShaolinzHyper7

  13. no pub , no blalbla , just play game 😀 nicee

  14. $$$ vrasje te bukura bere

  15. today you kill me in the solid gold: dynasti_thythys

  16. You had aim bot or a pro

  17. That was so satisfying to watch. Thank you <3

  18. We need good people like you. Want to try out. Here’s our discord https://discord.gg/PNTxCm

  19. U never take em

  20. Why don't u like snipers

  21. I win one game evry1 week , how do u win so much

  22. Yo can we play sometime, ur goated

  23. Código 1TSHYPER20 en la tienda de fortnite por favor me ayuda mucho

  24. @kingjoe83 pls Show me your Settings ?

  25. Never seen him play so defensive, wasn't aggressive at all and still won

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