It’s more than obvious taht Battle Royale Games have a strong representationon mobile platforms. With upcoming Call of Duty Mobile and already release PUBG Mobile and Rules of Survival Android and iOS users can experience top notch gameplay in this popular genre.
Let’s take a look on short comparison of graphics and similarities between three most popular titles.

All games were captured on LG G7.

Please note that due to limited time I had access to CoD Mobile this is early comparison.

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  1. Pubg is realistic the rest are fantastic

  2. Pubg 8s best loot at the gun the other is like a fake gun

  3. I've all played that 3comparison my first game is 1. ROS

  4. Call of duty mobile like

    Ros and pubg mobile comment

  5. I played pubg before and I was like boring and then this new cod and ros came out then I tested it they were good than pubg

  6. RoS did a good job for being the first battle royale on mobile. Back in 2017 and 2018, before the other two games came out, RoS was the game my friends and I all played in class together, it was fun as hell. Everyone played that game.

    The other games, now that they’re out, have smoother graphics and gameplay, but RoS will always and forever have the best character customization, and its 300-player battle royale will always reign supreme. If they had a graphics update, I feel like they could gain popularity again.

    Also, I have yet to come across a single hacker in RoS, don’t know what y’all keep talking about.

  7. pubg & cod = great work of arts ????

    ros = ????


    Ros and pubg comment

  9. COD & PUBG are the best. Hackers & Cheaters can be removed. But in ROS, they never fix that and also the lag issues and bugs and glitches.

  10. Graphics : pubg ⛰?

    Fashion & Design : ROS ???

    shooting : COD ??

  11. Rules of survival ?

  12. I love pubg mobile

  13. Rules of survival and cod mobile are best

  14. Both ros and pubg are crappy

  15. ROS suck to many hackers

  16. Lol COD is the winner

    I think
    1st: CODM

  17. 3 game itu gw mainin

  18. Ros cartoon codm real

  19. 1st call of duty 2nd rules of survival 3rd pubg mobile

  20. Call of duty mobile

  21. Pubg, cod y ros ganaron

  22. Pubg is the king of all lags great and small

  23. Cod mobile the best

  24. Wtf is rules of survival??

  25. mobile games is sucks

  26. How to download cód mobile?

  27. Rules od survival :0

  28. Rules od survival ?
    Title is wrong bro

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