Call Of Duty Mobile 15 Kills Solo Squad Gameplay | CODM Battle Royale

I am playing Call Of Duty Mobile Battle Royale mode in CODM Game. Its available on both iOS and Android through Google Playstore and Appstore.

Call Of Duty Mobile Part 57 Gameplay series

You can check previous parts here:

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  1. It was like free fire cartoon lol…!!??

  2. 15.. Joking, right? I usually get 15-20 every game and record is 24. But there is propably like 50 bots always.

  3. She/he's so cute ? I love the way he/she plays ?

  4. WTF how much bullets to kill one guy

  5. nice video of you techamazing

  6. With all those damage taken….you would have died 10 times in pubg???

  7. Man I've done 15??
    Its easy,no big deal

  8. Nice game bro? ? I started a vlog like this because I really like play COD Mobile?

  9. फुल ज़हर वाला नूब

  10. Bro ,chote gamer ko to support karo

  11. Which recorder do you use

  12. Frist time call of duty ki game play video dakhi hey is sy to pubg achi hai

  13. I decided to upload a video of my gameplay from Korea server im not good but just for fun haha if you have time stop by and watch thank youu

  14. They all look like bots

  15. last one(enemy) nammed CinnamonSugar ?? and his rank is ROOKIE 1 till feb 19 2020???

    Bro come on Asian server or Arabian server To see real emeny what is??❗

  16. I also play solo versus squad then to I had Done 17 Kills

  17. Is Pub G good or COD

  18. Bäng cal of duty itu oflen gak bang

    Jawab bag

  19. I'm allowed to take a video

  20. Yar Hm 21 kill kiye h ??solo vs squad me

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