CALL OF DUTY INFINITE WARFARE NEW Rave In The Redwoods Gameplay on PS4 in 1080p HD 60FPS!

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  2. Dont know why people saying it sucks. Its pretty decent. Besides how you die in the campaign.

  3. Dam if only the homie had better shot at the end

  4. Does anyone still use this

  5. I liked the video

  6. I love this game do you play FortNite?
    play it

  7. How sick are the gun sounds… just wow

  8. Who buys a gun on scene 1?

  9. I don't like this game is only like the weapons and zombies

  10. Zombies: The only thing good in this game

  11. Killed it on the story mode took a HUGE shit on zombies. BIG F!!! Not buying this game now. I will wait for WW2 to come out

  12. I actually forgot infinite warfare had zombies that's how irrelevant the game was.

  13. como ele fez isso ? o meu começa no park de diversão

  14. Ur such a noob in zombies

  15. im huge fan of iw, but i have to say, this zombie mode its a trash

  16. mi cana juegos buen muy buenos call duty minecraft juegos randosm momento gracisos subcribansen plese :v

  17. Thanks for not talking. Really.

  18. the werst show ever

  19. honestly I choose iw zombies this doesn't mean I hate treayarch

  20. this is actually dope

  21. bro reload before max ammo

  22. i am the only one that likes infinite warfare only for zombies?… no?… well… ill just go… Г._.Г

  23. I love the zombie Mode in Cod IW

  24. Andre look like a grunge Donald Glover.

  25. the spaceland map is much better

  26. I feel like this was their take on the whole fallout cartoon theme and maybe even telltale. Idk though, fucking weird and completely different and out of place for the old cod zombie game lineup.

  27. I am hyped for rave in the read woods because it is coming out tomorrow

  28. f… was that a big foot

  29. M1 has 10 rounds?

  30. I really like the new zombies. They style is just awesome and I think its the best zombies ever!!!

  31. nice??????????????????

  32. pour ceux qui ont call of duty infinite warfare sur ps4 ajouter moi mon pseudo c est TrezegoalYT

  33. how do you turn on the power. and where is it

  34. do you have to pay for rave in the redwoods

  35. what were those things that appeared on scene 7

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