COD Infinite Warfare All Campaign Characters Death Scenes

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  1. "You Pity The Thing You Called Courage, SCAR TEAM ONE
    You're A Man Living On Earth, Dying For A Lost Cause
    This Is TRUE COURAGE!!

  2. Everytime I see Ethan, he reminds me of Connor

  3. Gator Ethan and Kashes death were probably the saddests

  4. When he said is that rain sir
    I just lost it

  5. While gameplay for multiplayer wasn't great i thought the campaign was amazing 9/10 will play again

  6. "Is that rain, sir?"

  7. They gave their lives so Earth could fight another day.

  8. This was one of the best cod campaigns to date.

  9. I remember playing this campaign and they talked about how Kotch was able to turn some robots against their own and I always thought it would’ve been a great final scene if they turned Ethan against you and you had to fight him to the death

  10. In Omar's death scene while Omar is dragging Reyes, it reminded me of Price dragging Yuri in MW3
    Also R.I.P team Metal except for Frost

  11. Ethan was like a brother to nick rip Ethan I cried when he died ?

  12. This is like Game of Thrones ?

  13. If u guys nick and ethans death were sad then u clearly dont know about ghost and roach

  14. MW2 had the most memorable deaths due to Roach and Ghost's betrayal, but this one will always get to me because this shows that not all heroes come back home and that anything can happen to each member. Gator for example, I wasn't expecting that death so fast but it happens in the real world.

  15. Fun fact: Kotch is from Game of thrones.

  16. so much hate to this game but i love it feels i “salt thats an order fire on my position “ wish there was a squel were everyone didnt die or a type of way to choose the way you play what you choose i wish i would’ve like if you felt this to im sad for the ending

  17. 2016 was very sad to Robot buddy died K2SO from Rogue one, BT 7274 from TitanFall 2 and now Ethan from Infinite Warfare.

  18. Salter was in the Right and Wrong during the campaign

  19. Is that rain sir?

  20. We need more C.O.Ds where the main character(You) is the/a captain.

  21. To be honest the campaign had the modern warfare vibe but merging with advance warfare timeline and I think this is good.

  22. Not the best multiplayer imo, but a dang good campaign. Better than bo3/ww2 at least.

  23. This has been said before, but I don't care:

    Peace to The Fallen!

  24. Death is no disgrace

  25. This is the saddest story in cod in my opinion

  26. For a space game it really was incredible

  27. Everyone literally died, played bits and pieces of the game but sold it after awhile and never finished the campaign but fuck….these deaths were sad, everyone one hurt more than the last

  28. For the watch..

  29. Ffs I know this campaign was great, but did they HAVE to kill everyone off

    It's just not a satisfying ending ?

  30. Peace to the fallen

  31. Well great, now I am going to fucking stuff my head into a pillow and bawl my eyes out.

  32. Is that rain sir?………

  33. Poor Guy Last Words Were "Is That Rain Sir?" R.I.P Kash The Main Canadian

  34. that's what I call a good video game

  35. Raines got it the worst, Rip.

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