The team discusses what Call of Duty Blackout means for Fortnite, the trap damage increase, and the new solo showdown mode.

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  1. Competition breeds excellence. There are plenty of BR fans to go around, so in the same way without PUBG we wouldn't have Fortnite, let's see what happens when some big-budget studios take a crack at it. I really haven't had much desire to play COD multiplayer much, so would be interesting if I found myself only playing its BR mode. If you want to support the show, set your notifications and drop us a follow. Thanks! – @FranMirabella

  2. Man look at these grown a## zombie hating 4Agz

  3. Black out copy fortnite battle royale

  4. COD is overrated tbh

  5. Cod and Battlefield for the win

  6. I'm rooting for cod

  7. Rest in piece-H1Z1 (The original battle royale) you will be missed.

  8. black out is Going to take fortnite over

  9. Why can't they just coexist..

  10. Low budget, cartoon, rated e for everyone, 3rd person shooter? Or a high budget, photorealistic, rated m for mature, 1st person shooter bloodbath with land, sea and air vehicles?? Hmmmmmmmm ????

  11. They should just sell it $10 game disc and $5 on the maps. Now because bringing back old maps. We want new maps. Price just went down for me value. Doesn't the fact even they trying to be like other popular games. Its Its official for me ill wait till goes that price. And i'll play other games have compaings

  12. Why play these games when you can play roblox.

  13. These people on the panel are so unbearable

  14. Both horrible games

  15. I hope Fortnite stays the Victor of all battle royales

  16. Grey shirt just relax. You just need to hit the main points of discussion and stop interrupting the boyz

  17. call of duty is cool

  18. For the people who don’t play fortnite because of its cartoon graphics are going to enjoy this. Just a little skeptical on how well it will performs on console, hopefully it works out.

  19. Call Of Duty’s Battle Royale will probably be more popular then PUBG.

  20. Lets be real, Ali a is a Cod YouTuber he'l go to Cod, NINJA was hyped for "GOING in a helicopter tutututtu getting out with a pistol" that's what he said* shroud Will Go to BLACKOUT faze are a cod clan so yehhh and myth Will Go to Cod after all these people go to Cod, BUT* THIS WILL ONLY HAPPEN IF BLACKOUT IS GOOD otherwhise Cod is ded lol

  21. Battlefield V hasn’t shown how it’s going to destroy both games yet.

  22. I think cod 2019 will focus heavily on single player story telling. If brs so successful and they try to steal it then they will try to ateal the success of 2018 single player games like god of war. Imo if they rly want to make something new they should make cod 2019 3rd person only both in sp and mp.

  23. I have already pre Oder BO4 lol

  24. If cod does it right enough it will be very successful. However fornite isn't gonna fall. Why? Coz its free and everywhere and very popular already. It may lose some crowd. But Thats it

  25. I'm bout to drop the bomb lol blackout will be third person cuz what's the purpose of playing as your favorite past characters if u can't see them but u can switch it to first person but it plays like fortnite with vehicles

  26. I think cod will be better but I was never a big fan of Fortnite

  27. Nothing will stop fortnite. It’s free.

  28. Bo4 battle royale will die since everyone will get bored of battle royale

  29. Thanks for the video guys. Love hearing the conversations I'm having with guildmates are happening on a larger stage. Keep up the good work!

  30. Asain guys a beast. More him plz!

  31. Call of duty copied PUBG noooooo

  32. " For all extensive purposes." IT'S FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES!

  33. I was bored after 2 matches in fortnite, so BO4 Royale probably wont make me buy the games

  34. cod bo4 will fade away in 6 months

  35. What’s happening with Battle Royale is what happened with MOBAS over saturation

  36. I never did get the skins in fortnite I can’t believe ppl buy them the prices are down right insane

  37. B04 will be hot for about 4 months

  38. Whatever happened to WW2

  39. Battle Royal on COD? OMEGALUL

  40. Put it like star wars and use micro transactions They have it well balanced bring it with the money from Black Ops 1 where we collected money to unlock skins and weapons

  41. If we have mason and woods in black out then Bo4 wins

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