NEW Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Ending Walkthrough Gameplay Part 16 includes a Review and the Final Mission of the Single Player Campaign for PS4, Xbox One and PC. This Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, Zombies, Zombies Story, Weapons, DLC, all Single Player Campaign Missions and the Ending.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Missions include: Black Ops, New World, In Darkness, Provocation, Hypocenter, Vengeance, Rise & Fall, Demon Within, Sand Castle, Lotus Towers,…

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  1. What is your name soldier?


    What is your name?

    ohh shitt, legend was back

  2. That’s why the government can’t have good things ???

  3. How is he Taylor wtf?

  4. To make it even more confusing The first mission of this game was the last mission

  5. You are the best brad

  6. it was an epic ending, how did no one get it? His character wasn't Taylor!! Corvus got him to upload (not purge) himself into the playable characters self and took over him, Like Sidious in Star Wars IX to Rey. Taylor/Corvus took over your character and now Corvus is free! Epic!

  7. Why i have only 92% mission complete ? I play hard i didnt get the master card, someone please help me

  8. I really dislike the main guy's voice and delivery >.>

  9. Brad Lamar is your real life name?

  10. The voice acting near the end of the mission is fucking hilarious.

  11. it would be cool if u had xbox 360 and let mason live in bo2, and it’ll carry on and the end says: “Mason…. Alex Mason.”

  12. you reached the ending but still dont know what the fuck to do lmao pathetic

  13. I enjoyed this campaign

  14. Whats your name soldier ?


  15. What's your name in a frozen forest I said what's your name Talor

  16. This campaign was insane. A dying dream this was. Your dying and your brain is struggling to survive and is reliving taylors memories from when taylor first linked to your mind using that neural link. Corvus was something the player made up to give hope and comfort to life after death. Even though he himself knew there was no such thing which in turn created the conflict between the player and corvus. Corvus was a part players brain to comfort him with life after death as he slowly died in a dying dream of someone elses memories.

  17. I played and finished this game on hardcore level and it screwed up my brain, the story is truly out of this world a mind mind blowing.

  18. Bo1 campaign: It was very good and I replayed it 12 times
    Bo2 campaign: Another great campaign and followed up bo1 campaign perfectly
    Bo3 campaign: What….. happened? Where’s mason? Woods? THIS MAKES NO SENSE!

  19. So the Taylor guy took over the player that you were controlling ???

  20. I regretted I buyed this game.
    Fortunately we're getting a new Modern Warfare

  21. Baddesttttttttttest cod i mean worserstest cod in the world

  22. WHy is cod bo3 so much boring
    I Hate it And I also hate cod aw and infinite warfare
    Best cod is cod bo2

  23. What's your name Soilder

    I said whats your name



  24. According to people who researched black ops A.K.A The first mission you die all the missions is from Taylor's memory and the final mission is the first mission Is where khalil is captured and in lotus towers Khalil gets captured by The NRC And the first mission your on a mission to save the minister only but he forces you to save Khalil due for him being a hero you died so Taylor had to interface with you And Your just re living Taylor's memorys So confusing

  25. Rachel became a zombie she's infected

  26. First Mission: Taylor His Name
    Last Mission: Taylor Corvus
    Da Fuck???
    Player: My Name Is Taylor
    Me: Fuck Fuck Fuck Da Fuck You Fucker Bruuhhhh You Are Not Taylor Asshole!!!!!!!

  27. Do you go to see the skin he didn’t even check your skin what are you got a new skin

  28. Isn’t Taylor the other guys name?

  29. So confused why the player said his name was Taylor

  30. Brad on veteran is literally me on recruit

  31. Американец сраный

  32. its more emotional when ur player is a girl and she cries

  33. I did the campaign in 3 days

  34. He said his name was Taylor at the end and it isn't, whattt????

  35. "they're all being controlled already, so my skill is useless…" keeps skill sloted instead of change to another >_< love ur Vids Brad, dont ever change

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