A new gun sounds comparison between Battlefield 5 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare! Which game sounds and looks better when it comes down to weapons?

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  1. 0:47 I expected doom recharge

  2. Battlefield is best thats obviously

  3. No se puede comparar las armas un juego moderno con las armas de un juego de la guerra mundial xq son diferentes y xq en call of duty o battlefield no estarían las mismas armas

  4. Cods reload is better but battlefields everything else is better

  5. Battlefield is better than call of duty but there is one problem the sound of weapon in battlefield is very bad

  6. i love call of duty

  7. El primero que real se mira


  9. Vov!! Nice graphics

  10. BFV Revolver drum doesen't even spin lmao

  11. Why people think, cod is better?

  12. شو اسم اللعبه

  13. call of duty +1

  14. BF5: good graphics but not realistic and has more details.

    COD MW: Realistic but dosent have details.

  15. I think BF5 IS BETTER

  16. 2:27

    No Russian

  17. We all loved call of duty

  18. The dirt on battlefields guns are on point is looks like the battle begun LONG before you joined whereas the guns in MW look cleaned and polished (come to think of it probably because the battle starts when the match begins…)

  19. Brother can you give me the name of the game?

  20. اخي ممكن تعطني اسم العبه لو سمحت

  21. Can't we just agree both games are better in some areas and that in the end which one is best will depende on your likes?

  22. I don't like with the MG32 in COD that you can stand up aiming because the MG is to heavy to aim without going Prime so I give that to BF5.I am a battlefield player but I do like modern warfare

  23. BF's explosives sound weaksauce for some reason

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