Battlefield 5 VS Call of Duty WW2 – Graphics Comparison

I am giving away Battlefield 5 deluxe edition or Call of Duty WW2 to 3 subscribers. To win the giveaway subscribe to the channel and comment on this video. i will announce the winners in my next video (within 3 days).

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  1. can someone help me recording some battlefield 5 and cod ww2 clips in PC .My id is XtraFrostyCake in both origin and steam .

  2. yow, that corpse animation when struck by explosion has supposed to be teared apart in COD WwII right?

  3. COD WWII the best …for me.. period

  4. To be totally honest (I have both games btw) in my opinion BF5 looks a lot more crisp and smooth compared to cod ww2 especially looking at these clips it has a lot more map changes when you throw a Grenade etc and ww2 doesn’t really have that that’s why I think BF5 is better

    Although Fortnite is so much better
    (I’m joking fuck Fortnite it can crawl in a hole and suffocate and die) that may have been a bit to far but that’s my opinion for the 5 people what might have the chance to see this (have a great day cya)

  5. Battlefield V: dynamite and explosives

    Cod ww2: black paint balls

  6. No call of duty is no comparison to battlefield.

  7. COD: Let's hide in that house

    BFV: What house?

  8. Activision and all the fans of Cod, just kneel before your superior, you got no chance, new Modern Warfare, no chance

  9. Destruction
    Battlefield V – Godlike
    Cod – Wtf i cant even blow a hole in the wall

  10. Illumination
    Battlefield V – Godlike
    Cod – Ass

  11. Cod ww2 gun sound like peashooter

  12. Cod looks like a mobile game

  13. For me battlefield 5 graphics are very good, if someone likes better call of duty i am sorry 🙁

  14. Omg building in ww2 is so realistic

  15. You can see Cod is dying,
    They just rushed the game, its like every other cod game.
    You run around the small map and see who shot eachother first when the players bump into eachother on a small ass map.
    The only thing that is changed is the theme, which is pretty shitty.
    I remember back in the o'l days
    Cod was funnest game such as Bo2, and Modern warfare. Its a regular pace game the map is in good size and the zombies was fun af.
    Now All the cod games is just running around the small ass maps With jetpacks n lazers.

  16. Its like comparing nerf with nerf rebel

  17. Call of duty ww2 Winner

  18. Call of duty is the best

  19. Battlefield is better

  20. The only thing battlefield doesn't have that cod ww2 has that I want is dismemberment, if bf5 had that it would be so brutal

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