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Cat Mario Wiki

Hello everyone if you are a lover of hardcore games and want to play a game that will test your skills then you must give a try to play Cat Mario. Today i am gonna share information about Cat Mario which is originally known as Syobon Action. People usually call this game cat Mario but the real name of this game is Syobon action. Cat Mario is an old school game created by a Japanese student in 2007.

Cat Mario History

Cat Mario is a single player 2-D tremendous game. Cat Mario was developed by Chiku in early 2007 on his college festival. Chiku Developed a few part of this game for this college festival but when he got some positive and awesome reviews about Cat Mario from his teachers and his class fellows who really appreciate his efforts for developing this game, then he decided to develop a complete game. There are six levels of cat Mario game and each level have a lot of traps and many crazy bosses. So you need to understand the game first then go and play cat Mario. Cat Mario is known to be the most frustrated game ever made, so we advice you to stay calm while playing this game.

Cat Mario Details

You need to play this game with a white little cat on some unfair stages because this game is based upon very ugly booby traps which can kill you white cat suddenly and you can’t do anything about it. All stages have different rules and different ways to defeat the levels. If you think you had cleared 1st stage and can clear others easily then you are totally wrong. Each stage have different taps and different bosses. Your stage can fall down on you cat. The place can go when you land your cat on a good area, as everyone thinks that this is a perfect area for stand. Your food can be a boss too and it can kills you so be careful and stay away from messing any kind of mushroom and powerups. When you are facing these troubles then you can feel that the music is so spicy LoL but it can’t be. The music of this game can disturb you in first time. But after super pass some stages you can realize that this is a perfect sound for this game. The graphics are HD but a bit up and down because this is a simple platform HD but rough graphics game. The graphics of this game is so cool but these all are bit rough and you can’t change the graphics of game. But the last thing is you need to be more cleaver then the stage and it’s traps. If you like this wiki article about Cat Mario than don’t forget to share it with your friends on your social profiles.

Unfair Mario News, Reviews, Info & Game-Play

Unfair Mario

Unfair Mario is a single player 2-D hardcore adventure game. It is related to Super Mario but it is fan based unofficial version of this game. Unfair Mario a very hard and tremendous addictive flash game just for creative peoples. This is an awesome flash game by a developer unknown to us.

Many peoples are thinking that why this game called Unfair Mario so let me tell you a little introduction. When me and some of my friends are playing this game in my home for testing our skills that how much we can clear in one time so we all failed reason this was too much hard for us and one of my friend says man it not fair this game is totally unfair. One of a big reason due to this game called unfair because of it’s too much booby traps.

Unfair Mario Wiki

Unfair Mario is a flash game created by an unknown person in 2012. It’s a single player 2-D adventure game. It is a Super Mario based game but this is the hardest game ever made. The life of Unfair Mario is infinite. The developers Design this game just like other Super Mario games but this game is insane, a lot of booby traps are waiting to kill you.

Reviews Of Unfair Mario

People Vote Unfair Mario 5/4. They can categorically divide positive and negative features of this game as follow.

Positive Features

The best thing is the game play style of it’s character is really good. This sound of this game is awesome and really match with game stages and cartoon. It is so much difficult game but people also love this game a lot because of it features and it’s unfair things and difficulty.

This control of this game is pretty easy and you can handle you character easily. You don’t need to surf you brain on other keys you just need 4 keys to handle your character UP DOWN LEFT and RIGHT.

Negative Features

The first thing which one i hate first is the speed of game which one i hate the most and this second thing i hate the most is graphics of the game are not as cool as other series of mario.

Difficulty of Unfair Mario

Peoples are challenging that no one can clear one stage in one time. With unfair stages and unfair traps you can’t clear this game in one time. Many of peoples are too much angry on this game but they also love to play this game.

Papa’s Bakeria News, Reviews, Info & Gameplay


Papa's Bakera

Hello guys and welcome to Wiki Game, the biggest gaming encyclopedia on the internet. Today we are talking about a famous cookies baking game known as Papa’s Bakeria. This is the 12th installment of Papa Louie’s game series. All of these Papa Louie games are based on time management strategy as you have to serve your customer in a better and time managed way to keep them happy.
The default playable characters who will run the Papa’s Bakeria are known as Cecilia and Timm but if you want to create your own customized character than you can do some customization for your character in Whiskview Mall. Papas Bakera game was firstly launched on 14 March 2016. If you want to play simple kind of games, I would like to suggest you to play clicker games as they are very simple but addictive game to play.

Slogan of Papa’s Bakeria is “You’re hired” so now it’s your turn to make this bakery a profitable business for Papa Louie.

Papa’s Bakeria Game-Play

You will be the cook as well as a manager while playing the game and your main target to achieve is to cook and serve for your customer and keep them happy. You have to adjust your working speed as well as you have to maintain the quality of the cookies so that your customer give positive feedback to Papa Louie about your performance.
Whenever you get an order from any customer, you have to chose the correct crust, filling the with a huge variety of ingredients to make them tasty and bake them to perfection. You will earn good if you keep your service smooth.

Papa’s Bakeria Features

Following are the main features of this game. These features are the base of its popularity and people love this game to play again as again. As all of you know, time management games are kind of addictive but Papa’s Bakeria is gone beyond addiction. If you start playing this game, we bet you will spend hours daily to play this game due to it’s insane features.

  • The main feature of this game is customize-able characters. You can create your own character according to your choice.
  • The graphics of this game are very amazing.
  • Sound and Music quality is awesome.
  • Controls are perfect and very smooth.
  • Game strategy of time management in this game is very amazing.

Overall we rate this game 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. You can play this game and enjoy spending your free time in a joyful way.